Sat. Oct 16th, 2021

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In world of disc golf, or frolf as we like to call it, the most known player, Paul McBeth, has changed his sponsor from Innova to Discraft. While with Innova Paul was able to win four world championships (at least according to my Destroyer with his name on it). Now I know most people would not be able to pick World Champion Paul McBeth out of a lineup of two people, but there are at least two or three readers that might have a chance. The more important question is will he still be able to play at the level he has been so accustom to over the last ten years with a new disc manufacture? I believe the answer to this question is that Paul will be back to his championship caliber within a tournament or two. Honestly, you could give him a paper plate and he could still beat me even on my best day. The moral of the story is it is the archer and not the arrow, or at least that what I believe as of now. I could always be wrong…