Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

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Harper vs Machado

Its been the conversation all off season.Who would want on your team? how many years? how much money? If I was a GM I would spend 450 mil on Harper for 12 years. I love me so Bryce Harper, I love the hair, the talent and the cockiness. I want someone with that attitude to anchor my franchise for years to come. He is the biggest face in the game today. Trout is a better ball player, Bryant has sexier eyes, but the total package of Harper makes any baseball fan drool. He will instantly sale a boatload of tickets to non baseball fans just to see him play. Like him or not he is great for the game of baseball.

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Machado on the other hand is another great talent, but he is also easy to hate and he hustles less than I do trying to trying to get to anything on time. I think Machado is who GMs prefer, but you have to wonder at what point does the lack of hustle drive fans away. He is a perfect fit for the Yankees. Yankee fans loved Cano, what did Cano not do…. he didn’t hustle he didn’t have to, and Machado is the same way. If they win he will be loved and if they lose they have someone to hate. Which is pretty easy since was a division rival his whole career (Minus the last half of this year). He will get 8 years 375 million from the bombers and take it even though it is lower than other offers he will get.

So the moral of the story is…. Be good at baseball and get paid. Be average at baseball and you get to type about it for a blog. One sounds better than the other.