Sat. Oct 16th, 2021

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Video Game Review Mutant Football League (Switch)


Mutant Football League is not a terrible game but it does have its flaws. The game to me is trying to be a little bit like the old NFL blitz titles with a twist of insanity. The game play is pretty smooth, but passing the ball and tackling seem to be random of what will work. Players die and can not come back in, some of the stadiums are equipped with landmines, monsters, and saws to get in your way of scoring. There are special plays that you can use throughout the game. My personal favorite is ref bribe. If you bride the ref no matter what the opposing team does their will be a flag. The only way to break out of a ref bride is to either bribe them yourself or use the play kill ref. These special plays make it more of challenge playing a friend. Playing one too early could cost you late in the game.

Overall the game is fun. There is dynasty modes, online play, its all good stuff. Every player has a pun as a name making it funny to see who is who. Dak Prescott is Drax Bloodclot. Me and Wesley play it occasionally, but if we are gonna play a football game with pride and skill on the line the go to choice is NFL Blitz 2001.