Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

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Wesley and his Sad Sad Fantasy Team

Fantasy football has been a rough sport for me. The first year that I played was 2001 and all I can remember was that I traded my dad Ed McCaffrey and several other players for Terrell Owns. This turned out to be a steal as Ed broke his leg in the first game. However, I am pretty sure I have been cursed ever since as I have never been able to win a championship. Not to mention the last several years have been incredibly bad when it comes to my first round draft pick. Adrian Peterson beat a child, Todd Gurley was paired with Jeff Fisher, and finally David Johnson tore an ACL in his first game last year. Just an amazing run of first round picks.

But this year I lucked out thanks to Le’veon Bell (a man that has to get the first ever No Hustle Sports Player of the Year award) and grabbed his backup James Conner and paired him with Alvin Kamara (Basil mocked this first round pick). Robert Wood and T.Y. Hilton carried the receivers with Travis Kelce cleaning up at tight end. Finally, the other two great free agency pickups, Jared Goff and the Bears’ defense, marked one of the best fantasy teams of all times and the high scorer of the league.

I am hoping that I can win again sometime in the next twenty years, it was a really great feeling.