Mon. Oct 25th, 2021

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Bowl Preview 12/29 (Semis)

First game on the schedule today is Notre Dame and Clemson and to be honest I am not expecting much out of Notre Dame. I do not believe they play enough strong opponents during the season to justify them being number three (UCF gets screwed cause their name is not Notre Dame). I expect Clemson to dominate this game on both offense and defense.

The Bama Sooner game will be a lot more interesting (if you did not know I went to Oklahoma) because of the offensive firepower in this game, and Oklahoma’s going to need it. I think the only way Oklahoma wins this game is by getting off to an incredibly fast start. This could be possible as Alabama did not face an offense like Oklahoma and Citadel gave them problems in the first half. The real issue is the Oklahoma defense that currently does not exist. Bama is going to score on Oklahoma with ease; the important question is can the Sooner’s get enough turnovers to keep their offense on the field? My prediction is that Oklahoma starts fast but that Bama makes second half adjustments on defense slowing down the Sooner’s offense and the Sooner’s defense will not be able to get stops.

Clemson 38 – Notre Dame 17

Bama 45 – Oklahoma 31