Sat. Oct 16th, 2021

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Chemistry Building: Dallas Stars’ Edition

I am not a genius when it comes to building team chemistry but I don’t think the CEO calling the two best players on the Stars terrible to the media is a great idea.

I can understand management’s position; they spend a lot on Seguin and Benn and are not seeing production at the level that they are paid. I understand coming out and saying the team needs to work harder and focus more. I don’t think I ever remember management calling out their two stars with such harsh language (read the article for the full effect) in the middle of the season with two guys on long contracts. It will be interesting how this plays out over the rest of the season. I find it hard to believe that this is going to set well with the two players. I would not be shocked to see these players traded in the upcoming months, either management not wanting them or the players forcing their way out. I think I might pass on buying that Benn jersey now…