Sat. Oct 16th, 2021

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Who is the worst QB in the NFL

Who is the worst QB in the NFL that starts the majority of Sundays? I know that many people will have many different positions on the matter, based on who you cheer for or who you cheer against. I am a Cowboys fan and not a fan of Dak, is he the worst? The short answer is no.

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The worst QB in the NFL is Ryan Tannehill. Not sure why scouts loved this guy coming out of Texas A&M. He didn’t win a conference title, let alone a division…and this was while he was playing WR. Same thing followed when he was their QB. The Dolphins need to wake up and realize that they can and should do better. Hell Blake Bortles might be available, or even Joe Flacco (Not the elite version, just the guy that is better than Tannehill). Teams need to see the whole picture when taking a QB, first thing on my list as a GM is did the guy win and is he a winner. Manzel won, but he is not a winner. Mayfield checks both of these boxes and that is why the Browns don’t suck.

Others in the running: Kirk Cousins, Case Keenam, Lamar Jackson, Blake Bortles, and Derek Carr.