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Final Review of Red Dead Redemption 2 (Spoilers)

*Spoilers Ahead*

“The Gang”


I started playing Red Dead at the release and finished a few days ago. I took some time before I wrote this review because I wanted to process everything that I did in the game. The game follows the story of Arthur Morgan…. Until he dies! The main character of the game actually dies and there is nothing you can do about it! Needless to say I was running hot when that happened. He dies going back to the get the money that Dutch has been hiding from the crew and the back stabbing traitor of the group, Micah kills you in cold blood.

Arthur was trying to do the right thing by leaving the gang, but his untimely death makes you think the game is over. FALSE the game is not over there is about 25% of the story line left. The remaining 25% is played as John Marston, a member of the gang, that Arthur tells to leave the gang before the shit hits the fan. John becomes a rancher for the sake of his marriage, and the game slows down a decent bit. In the final epilogue John meets up with Sadie Adler and starts bounty hunting and searching for rumors of Micah. In the end they find Micah up a mountain (filled with tons of action) and you actually see Dutch again, who was believed to be gone forever.

You get into a stand off with Dutch (little bitch) and Micah (backstabber). There is a lot of dialogue happening then BANG out of nowhere Dutch shoots his right hand man Micah. Micah gets his gun, you go into red eye and kill the bastard. It was a fitting end, but I wanted more. I think this easily was the game of 2018, but lost to Fortnite. I highly Recommend this game to anyone that loves gaming and a good story line.