Sat. Oct 16th, 2021

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NFL Coaches That Should Have Been Fired

Here are a list of coaches that I think this New Years have the most to be thankful for considering how badly their teams played.

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  1. Steelers – I don’t think that Tomlin is a bad coach, I just think that his time at Pittsburg has run its course. It looks like he completely lost control of the locker room this year and thus the team missed the playoffs when it had a great chance to make them. Tomlin probably will keep his job but if he does get fired he will not be a free agent for long.
  2. Vikings – Zimmer just cannot seem to get this team over the final hump, much like Jason Garrett, but that performance against the Bears should have been the end. This team was a complete mess all year from an offense that could not get it going to a defense that took a huge step back forwards. Zimmer is supposed to be a defensive master mine. The team defense let them down and needs an offensive guru to come and get the most out of Cousins.
  3. Falcons – Quinn seems to have got a lot of leash since getting the Falcons to the Super Bowl. Last year the offense was terrible under Sarkisian while bringing back all the major players from the Super Bowl team, how he was able to make it back another year shocks me. This year the offense was better but the defense was terrible under a defensive minded coach. I understand the defense had injuries but this was a terrible performance. I am guessing this is Quinn’s last stand since he did a full cleaning of the assistant coaches.
  4. Panthers – Rivera has to be the luckiest of all the coaches considering the epic collapse of the Panthers this year. Rivera’s problem seems to be consistency. One year it is almost a perfect season, then under 500, make the playoffs, then under 500 again. You would hope to see a team that goes 15-1 to hold that consistency for several years to come.

Happy New Years.