Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

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Rules I would change in the MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL

As I sit here watching pointless bowl games my mind started to wander. I was thinking of how to improve all of the games that we all enjoy. Besides adding teams to other markets or changing the rules to the XFL model, I was thinking of actual changes that I would like to see.

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In the MLB, I would like to see the DH across the whole league. I hate the fact that pitchers have to bat. It’s the equivalent of watching a chef take down Joey Chestnut’s hotdog record. The chef knows everything about hotdogs, but he can’t eat them the way our boy Joey does. Pitchers hitting makes National League pitchers only have to face 8 hitters opposed to 9 and a guarantee of 2 Ks a game (if they don’t utterly suck). I know the baseball traditionalist love pitchers hitting, but why? Kids do not want to see sac bunts or an automatic out. Give the bat to some yoked up monster to hit dingers and that will make baseball “less boring”

In the NFL my solution is a pretty simple. GET RID OF THE TIES. Tying in a professional sport should never happen. What are we teaching kids? That it is OK not to better than someone else? What other big time sport (besides soccer (barf)) can you actually tie? These guys are professionals that play 16 games in a regular season. You can’t tell me that they can manage to play more? If it is a tie after the 1st qrt of OT change the style to the NCAA and have them have a good ol’ fashion shootout.

In the NBA I would like to see them abolish the travel rule. Why? BECAUSE IT NEVER GETS CALLED. Why have a rule in place if no one is going to call it? Let the player with the ball act like a running back and plow through the def to the hoop. It would change the game dramatically. I know this would never happen, but that is an NBA I would watch.

In the NHL, I would eliminate icing. I think that call is stupid and slows the game down. I know the game is fast regardless of the icing call, but why stop the action every few minutes for a face off. Let the boys play ref, it would open the ice up for more bone crushing hits if everyone was racing down the ice for the puck.