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Offseason top 10 2nd Basemen

Every offseason sites like ESPN and make their top 10 lists at each postion. MLB specifically uses the machine called “The Shredder” to pump out their lists. Each of them are controversial with what they come up with. There’s no specific formula used for this according to each just an aggregate that makes their list. We here at No Hustle did the lazy way and each voted by our guts for each position based on what we see and what we have during our fantasy baseball season. We will be releasing our rankings with the release of each of the MLB lists. So with that we will start with our 2nd base rankings first along with my breakdown of why we have players ranked where they are.

2nd Base

  1. Jose Altuve
  2. Javy Baez
  3. Whit Merrfield
  4. Gleybar Torres
  5. Ozzie Albies
  6. DJ LeMahieu
  7. Scooter Gennett
  8. Daniel Murphy
  9. Robinson Cano
  10.  Rougned Odor

So let’s just start at the top and work down shall we. Our consensus was obviously Altuve. He may have been slowed by a knee injury this year but he still hit .317 even with it. He’s still the best hitter and biggest threat at 2nd in the league. He plays great defense and is the leader of one of the best teams in the league. He earns our initial top spot in our rankings.

Next on the list is Javy Baez. This was a little more debated but because he played over 100 games at 2nd last season we felt this is where he should be ranked. Baez is easily the best defender at 2nd in the game when he is playing there and one of the top 5 defenders in the game. This past season he took it up a notch on the offensive side hitting 33 HR’s and 108 rbis. He finished 2nd in the NL MVP voting with this breakout season. With all that in mind Basil and myself put him at #2 which puts him there on the consensus list.

#3 on the list is Whit Merrifield.  Again Basil and I put him at 3 to put him there on our consensus. Whit is one of the more underrated players in the game because he plays on Kansas City. He can play above average at 2nd and CF that’s how good of a player he is. He is a 300 hitter with above average speed now and solid power. All of this makes him one of the better players not known by the national audience. We here at No Hustle do recognize him though and place him as the 3rd best in the game right now.

#4 on the list is Gleyber Torres. This may be a little high for a rookie but we took the upside on him along with his production this past season. When you come in as a rookie on the Yankees and produce like he did there is something to be said for that. He help put them on his back when the likes of Judge and Sanchez were on the DL. He is still a little raw defensively but the talent is there to be a plus defender as long as he keeps working on it. Offensively he needs to cut down on the strikeouts but the power and hit tool are there. With all that in mind this put him at 4 on our list.

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Next up we have Ozzie Albies. Again we have another young rising star on our top 10 here. Albies took the league by storm the first 2 months of the season carrying the Braves and helping put them back on the map. He made the All Star game then started to cool off the 2nd half of the season. Being a kid this happens just like it did to Torres. He still had a great overall season still even with that. He will be in the top 10 for years to come.

#6 on our list is DJ LeMahieu. DJ is probably the 2nd best defender on this list behind Baez. He has 3 gold gloves to his credit already. He has been a solid contact hitter with a high on base percentage. There isn’t a lot of power with him but he knows how to go opposite field and make contact. That can’t be said with a lot of hitters nowadays as the launch angle movement and strikeouts being generally accepted now. All that together gets him 6 on our list.

Next up with have Scooter Gennett from the Reds. Scooter has come on since he went to the Reds a few season ago. He went from a utility player to now being an all-star 2nd baseman. He is another guy that makes very good contact and his power has jumped tremendously going to a hitter’s park in Cincy. He’s not going to wow anybody when you watch him but his solid hitting and defense land him at 7 on our list.

#8 we have the newest Colorado Rockie Daniel Murphy. Now speaking of defense Murph has no business being on our list. He is by probably the worst defensive 2nd baseman in the league. With that though he is thought of in most circles as one of the top 10 overall hitters in the league. What does all that mean? Guy can hit but can’t play defense. We think the hitting outweighs the defensive miscues enough to put him at 8 overall still.

At #9 we have Robinson Cano. We had a hard time getting a consensus on where he was at but still got him in at 9. Cano was suspended for PED usage this last season, but he still ended up hitting 303 on the campaign. The peds no doubt helped his power and probably his ability to stay in the lineup more often but they don’t help your ability to hit. Cano still has one of the sweetest swings in the league and premium bat on ball skills. His range on defense is going down but the balls he can get to he makes the plays and rolls one of the best looking double plays in the league still. He may not be at the top of this list like he used to be but we still got him at 9.

To finish it out we have Rougned Odor. Now Odor didn’t make my personal list but Basil and Topher had him in. Rougie made be strides on the defensive side this last season and was actually rated as an above average defender. Offensively he is still one of the streakiest guys in the league. He can carry you for a few weeks but then go completely cold for a month. The overall stats were solid for him and with the improvements on defense he snuck in to our top 10.

Well there is our 2nd base rankings. If you have any thoughts or rankings of your own feel free to post in our comments section or on any of our social media platforms. Thanks for stopping by!

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