Sat. Oct 16th, 2021

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Machado to White Sox, Phillies, or Mystery Team?

The White Sox have offered 1 of the 2 premier free agents a contract for 8 years. This is the longest contract offered by the franchise. The previous high was 6 years to Jose Abreu. The dollar amount is still unheard at this time, but this shows that they are willing to go all-in on Manny.

The White Sox have been making small moves to woo Manny to the south side. They have added his brother-in-law aka (el cunado) in Yonder Alonso and one of his buddies in John Jay. Did adding these players make the White Sox any better? No not really, they are a young team that could explode in a few years. Though adding Machado those few years could turn into this year.

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I think Machado won’t sign with the White Sox unless he hates the offer from the Phillies, the mystery team (I think it is the Rangers) and I bet he gets a 4 year offer from the Yankees even though the infield is too crowded now. If the Yankees offer and the money is good he will be in pinstripes.

I chose the Rangers for the mystery team because they suck, and he does not. They have a huge hole at 3rd and he is a premier 3rd baseman and could play short if Elvis goes down. The Rangers are opening a new stadium in 2020 and the team now will not come close to packing that thing every night. J.D. needs to make a splash and this is a very good option to generate interest.