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Top 10 3rd Basemen

Now we are on to our next position the hot corner. We’ve made a composite list from each of our individual rankings to come up with our consensus top 10. Here it is below with some analysis on each ranking.

  1. Jose Ramirez
  2. Nolan Arenado
  3. Anthony Rendon
  4. Matt Chapman
  5. Alex Bregman
  6. Kris Bryant
  7. Eugenio Suarez
  8. Justin Turner
  9. Matt Carpenter
  10. Miguel Andujar

Taking home the top spot in our initial rankings is the 3rd baseman from the tribe Jose Ramirez. While he was not unanimous he took 2 of 3 #1 votes (I myself picked Arenado). Nobody could have seen a few years ago what Ramirez would turn into. He was a nice switch hitter that could be a great utility player. He has blown past that into third place MVP finishes each of the past two seasons. He has tremendous power despite his height and makes solid contact from each side of the plater. He plays plus defense even though his best position defensively is 2nd base. All this gets him the nod at #1.

#2 in our rankings is Nolan Arenado. Now he took my top spot in my personal rankings for a multitude of reasons. He has won 5 straight gold gloves at the position and is a platinum glove winner. Many have said he will go down as the best fielding third basemen in history which is amazing to think. On the offensive side you can almost pencil him in for 35-40 homers each season with 120+ rbis. He’s a model of consistent MVP type production. He does however get hurt with playing half his games in Coors field which probably accounts for him not being in our top spot. Even with that he takes home 2nd place.

Next up with have Anthony Rendon of the Washington Nationals. Rendon is admittedly one of Basil’s favorite players but he doesn’t always get his due nationally. He is another guy that is a model of consistency at third base. He will hit his 25-30 homers with around 100 rbis each season. He plays good defense as well. All around his game makes him a player the sabremetrics (computer guy calculations) love. We here love him for the overall game he brings in at the #3 ranking.

#4 on our list is Matt Chapman for the Oakland A’s. Another guy who may not have had the national spotlight on him since he plays on the west coast. Chapman is considered the best defender at third right now by Nolan Arenado. That’s some high praise considering he is the gold standard at third. What puts Chappy this high for us are his massive strides he took on the offensive side. He has become a plus hitter finally which makes him one of the best in the game at the hot corner. He will be on this list for years to come.

Next we have Alex Bregman of the Houston Astros. Bregman took the leap from a good player to superstar this past season. He became the most feared hitter in a stacked Astros lineup. That’s saying a lot for the 24 year old out of LSU. Though he played Shortstop in college he has seamlessly made the transition to third base due to Carlos Correa already being at short. He makes plays on the same level as Chapman and Arenado every game. On the offensive side he has added much more power to his game without striking out more. He has a very compact swing which makes it hard to attack him in the zone. He has made the leap to superstar and maybe the best player on the Astros if Altuve isn’t healthy again.

#6 on our list is Kris Bryant. The former NL MVP had an injury plagued season that hurt his offensive production. His shoulder was never fully healthy which really affected his power. He hit a career low 13 homers in only 102 games played. Even with this is a solid defender at 3rd and even a solid OF when the cubs ask him to play out there. If he is fully healthy next season he will easily move back up this list but for now he sits at 6 for us.

Next we have Eugenio Suarez of the Cincinnati Reds. Now some of you may not really know much about him since he plays in a small market but Suarez got a 6 year/66 million dollar extension before last season and now it looks like a steal for the Reds. He put up career marks with 34 homers and 104 rbis for them last season. He has become a legitimate threat behind Joey Votto in their lineup. Defensively he has gotten better each year and can be viewed as very solid. Keep an eye on Suarez this next season to put up even better numbers in the Great American Ballpark.

#8 on our list is Justin Turner from the LA Dodgers. Now the only thing that puts Turner this low is the fact he misses significant time each season for LA. While this hurts him (literally) it also proves how valuable he is. The Dodgers can’t seem to win without him but every time he comes back they go on long winning streaks en route to another division title. JT isn’t going to wow anyone by hitting 40 homers or driving in 120 but he is one of the most clutch hitter in the game. Now I know clutch can’t be measured but if you ask most players he’s the guy you want up in a big spot. That along with solid defense and a killer beard put him at 8 on our list.

Next up we have Matt Carpenter of the St. Louis Cardinals. Now Carp played mostly first base last season but with the acquisition of Paul Goldschmidt he will move back over to the hot corner for the upcoming season. Carp looked like me against major league pitching hitting below .200 for the first 6 weeks of the season. Then he went on an absolute tear carrying the cards offense. He ended up slugging 36 homers on the campaign. That’s amazing considering how bad he was into May. Now he isn’t going to wow anyone on defense (pretty sure Basil could give him a run for his money) but his offense still got him to #9 on our list.

To round out our top 10 we have the rookie from the Yankees Miguel Andujar. The 23 year old started out the year in the minors but came up and took a strangle hold on the third base position for the Bronx Bombers. He ended up hitting 27 homers with 92 rbis as a rookie in New York. That is not an easy thing to do but he became their 2nd best actual hitter behind Judge as the year went on. He has alot of work to do on the defensive side as he is well below average but we believe with some hard work this winter he can become an average fielder at his position. If he can do that along with build upon his offensive season Andujar could jump up in our rankings for next season. For now the rookie sensation comes in at 10 for us.

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Well there are our rankings for the top 10 3rd basemen right now. Hopefully we are doing better than the Shredder over at MLB network for you guys. If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below. Keep an eye out for SS rankings coming out next. Until then stay whelmed NoHustlers.