Sat. Oct 16th, 2021

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Derek Holland Resigns with Giants

The Giants made maybe the biggest free agent splash today. The resigned left hander Derek Holland. Holland was on the Giants last year, he spent time previously on the White Sox and Rangers. His time on the Rangers early in his career was his biggest success. He has always had the potential to anchor a rotation, but has not found that type of consistency. As a Rangers fan I would have loved for him to come back to Arlington. He had sort of a bounce back year for the Giants and I think this year he will be able to put it all together. Overall Derek Holland might be nicest and funniest guy in the Bigs, and I would pay money to watch the Dutch Oven pitch again. Hopefully I will get that opportunity.

The Giants need to keep adding pieces to their offense to go with their rotation. Right now the offensive side of the ball looks like it could compete very well at the Triple-A level. Maybe they make a splash and sign Harper. I think that fit would be great for both sides. Enough time has past for him to be the new face of the franchise and everyone to forget about PED user Barry Bonds.