Sat. Oct 16th, 2021

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Kyler Murray, the Most Interesting Man In Sports

Not only does he win a Heisman in his only year as a full time starter; he is also a top ten draft pick in the MLB draft for Oakland. Part of this is because he is from the Dallas area and went to Oklahoma (Graduated from there) but also how is dragging the choice between baseball and football out so publicly.

I will admit that I have not seen him play baseball but have looked at his stats and I can say I was not blown away. I imagine that Oakland is looking past his stats and looking at the raw talent and speed he has. Honestly I do not see him being a huge baseball star but I can see him having a long career but no headlining a team. Baseball seems to be the safe choice in more than one way. He is guaranteed four million with rumors he could get added to the Oakland major league roster and make fifteen million while playing in the minors. A good safe career with the potential to make millions.

I did watch Kyler on the football field and he is electric. I still believe that he is the best quarterback in college this year even with the loss to Bama. After seeing how quarterbacks have done in the NFL with a baseball background (Mahomes, Wilson) I can see why teams are willing to risk going after Murray. Murray has speed, strength, and smarts to dominate at the next level like Mahomes and Wilson with speed that neither have. The two issues Murray has is size and playing time. Size is no longer the issue it used to be, look at Wilson and Brees. Now days it is pretty much an automatic penalty just to look at the quarterback so if he learns to slide I could see him racking up rushing yards against defenses without taking big hits. Playing time is the other issue, but he has been under a system with Lincoln Riley that now most NFL teams are integrating into their offenes (Not the Cowboys, we are running Jimmy Johnson’s 1992 offense). Bama was the first really good defense he ran into that gave him an issue. The first quarter was difficult for his but he adjusted and had a very strong second half of that game. The NFL is were Murray can be a star, but it comes with the biggest risk of flaming out.

So what is the choice Murray? Play it safe or be a star. I hope to see you in the endzone this year.


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