Movie Review: Vice


I went and saw Vice last night with hopes that my side would hurt from laughing too much, but I came up woefully short of that expectation. There were plenty of parts of the movie that provided laughed, but there was several times I was looking at my watch wondering when would this end.

The entire movie was based on making Dick Chaney look like he ran the country while he was in office. Portrayed “W” in a stupid manner that was even more ridiculous than anything he did in office. I knew going in that it would not be kind to W and his administration, but they kept trying to make links that his presidency is the reason the world is the way it is.

Politics aside the movie fell flat, Steve Carrell was the highlight of the movie. The makeup and transformations of cast was spectacular. Bale and Adams were unrecognizable and really transformed into the role.

Summary: Needed more than a few laughs through out the movie. The Makeup Artists need raises.



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