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Top 10 Shortstop rankings

Next in our ranking series we are up the middle of the diamond with the top 10 shortstops in the game right now. We put a composite list together of our rankings to come up with a consensus top 10. I’ll have some breakdown on each spot after the list.

  1. Francisco Lindor
  2. Manny Machado
  3. Trevor Story
  4. Trea Turner
  5. Xander Bogaerts
  6. Didi Gregorious
  7. Andrelton Simmons
  8. Elvis Andrus
  9. Carlos Correa
  10. Corey Seager
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Coming in our top spot is the other member of the left side of the Indians Franciso Lindor. Frankie was always thought of being a premium defensive player coming up that would hit enough but he has become the best hitter at the position as well. He finished last season with 38 homers and 92 rbis out of the leadoff spot. He is by far the best SS in the league and takes our top spot.

At #2 we have free agent Manny Machado. It’s amazing how Manny has opened at two on our list when he was a lot of analysts top 3rd baseman last year. He seamlessly made the transition to short this year and didn’t skip a beat. He had one of his best offensive seasons to date along with player average to above average defense. Now he has to rely on shifting a little more to help his defense but his arm makes up the lack of range he may have there compared to third. Machado is all the ultimate no hustle athlete for basil and topher so he had to be high on our list.

Next up we have Trevor Story of the Colorado Rockies. Story time has taken over the big shoes left by Troy Tulowitzki and may actually be topping him. Story was the first SS ever to hit for 36 homers and 40 doubles in a season. The massive power was there from day one for him but he has become a real hitter now hitting .293 this past season. Trevor is also a beast on the defensive side making plays just like Tulo used to in the rockies. All this puts him at 3 on our list.

#4 on our list is Trea Turner of the Nationals. Turner the burner may be the fastest player in baseball. His electric speed makes him one of the most feared leadoff hitters there is. Now he has some work to do becoming a better all around hitter, but his talent level is off the charts. If he puts it all together hitting he may jump to number one on our list. He plays an above average defense as well. Watch Turner this season as he may finally have an MVP type season.

Next up we have Xander Bogaerts of my Boston Red Sox. The Xman finally put it all together this past season like we have all been waiting for. Primarily hitting 4th or 5th in lineup lead to Bogaerts hitting 22 homers and driving in 99 this past season. His power finally has started to show. He had always been a slap hitter but started to pull the ball with authority this past year leading to his best offensive season in the bigs. On the defensive side Bogey constantly improves every year. A lot of analysts thought he would have to move to third but he is showing he can play short for years to come still.

At #6 we have Didi Gregorius of the Yankees. After the first month of the season it looked like Didi was going to be the AL MVP. He started to tapper off but still finished with a strong season for the yanks. He mashed 27 homers and 86 rbis taking advantage of RF in Yankee stadium. He helped provide left handed balance between the likes of Judge and Stanton. Didi is also a well above average defender. He makes amazing plays that remind yankee fans of Jeter. The only downside with him is the elbow surgery he had in the offseason. That will cause him to miss half the year but even so we put him at 6 on our list.

Next up with have Andrelton Simmons of the LA Angels. Simmons has long been regarded as the best defensive shortstop in the game. He has the best range-arm combination in the bigs. While he has always exceeded on defense his offense has been a problem in the past. Simmons though to his credit has become an above average hitter with all the work he has put in. He’s not going to hit for much power but he has great contact skills and will be around a .300 hitter for the rest of his career.

At #8 we have Elvis Andrus of the Texas Rangers. Normally we here at no hustle don’t believe much in him but due to some injuries he is making it. Elvis has always been a great defender as well. He sometimes makes errors on routine plays but overall he plays a great short. He has become a solid hitter as well now good for around 15-20 homers and around a .300 average. He doesn’t run as much as he use to but does enough to get in at 8 for us.

Next up with have the often injured Carlos Correa of the Astros. There’s no doubt that if Correa were guranteed to be healthy he would be in our top 5. He has ARod type of skills on the offensive and defensive sides. His only problem has been nagging injuries that have cost him games the past two season. Hopefully this isn’t a trend and this season we can see a fully healthy from Carlos. For now we have him in our top 10 just due to his talent and upside.

Last on our list we have the Dodgers shortstop Corey Seager. Here is another player that is dealing with injuries. He too could easily be top 5 but elbow issues cut his season short this past year. It looks like he will be healthy this year and if so he is easily on this list. Seager is a great hitter and plays solid defense. He has even more upside on offense with his power. If he can push over the 30 homer mark it will help catapult him up the list next season.

Well there is our top 10 shortstop list. If you have any thoughts or disagree with these please leave a comment below. We had a lot of injured players on this one which may be a little controversial but we all have faith in each one being healthy enough to be here. Keep an eye out for our 1st Basemen rankings coming up next! Stay whelmed NoHustlers.