Sat. Oct 16th, 2021

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Would You Take 7 Years 175 Million?

Would you personally take a 7 year 175 mil dollar offer from your current job? Hell yeah you would unless you are running a Fortune 500 company or just a trust fund baby.

This is the years and dollars the Chicago White Sox have offered Manny Machado (One of the premier free agents this off season). Every team in the league should be able to beat that offer without blinking an eye. If I am the Yankees, even with the over loaded inf I would still outbid that crappy offer from the Sox. Machado should get a minimum of 300 million, the reason many teams were not in on the race for him, but with this being the initial offer on the table I expect a lot of teams to join the party.

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The White Sox have done a good job of recruiting Machado, but money talks and if the Phillies offer way more money then he’s headed there. I still think the Yankees will make an offer because they can beat the White Sox offer and dump Tulo for basically peanuts.

Machado will have plenty of offers to role in, and he will get his choice. He is not us he doesn’t have to settle for 175 million. That is chump change in the baseball world and he is too good to take that offer.

My dark horse team is still the Rangers. For this price they should be able to easily go out and get him and make them at least a fun team to watch even if they can’t pitch. JD go out and offer Manny. DFW will thank you.