Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

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Why the Rams are Winning the Super Bowl

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This is the year the Lombardi Trophy heads to L.A. The Rams are the most complete team left in the playoffs. Now I hear what you are saying and I agree the last four weeks of the season did not look great for the Rams. I think that was because of a team that was tried and injured. Now that they have Gurley and Talib back I think this team is firing on all cylinders.

I think the Saints are going to be a much better team than the Cowboys and even though the Rams only beat the Cowboys by 8 the game was completely controlled by the Rams by a backup running back. I don’t think the Saints are going to have answers for the Rams offense. Sure you might stop Gurley but then you have Cook and Wood to worry about. Saints one the first match up earlier in the season but that Saints team was healthier and the Rams did not have Talib. Rams are going to cause to many mismatches.


If the Rams do have a weak link on offense it is probably Goff, you can rattle him if you can hit him. I just don’t see the Rams being able to do that after the Cowboys could not even touch him.

Rams 31 – Saints 24