Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

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Basil’s Hall of Fame Ballot

Shockingly I do not have an official vote for the BBWAA Hall of Fame, but if I did these would be my selections. The reveal of the ballots and inductees will be announced at 5pm CT on the MLB Network.

  1. Mariano Rivera
  2. Barry Bonds
  3. Roger Clemens
  4. Edgar Martinez
  5. Mike Mussina
  6. Roy Halliday
  7. Curt Schilling
  8. Sammy Sosa
  9. Andy Pettite
  10. Micheal Young

Mariano is an obvious choice to be a first ballot guy, and a unanimous selection, but that of course wont happen because the voters never have done it, and never will. This is not a homer pick because I love the Yankees, he is in fact the greatest player to ever play his position and preformed his best in the biggest moments. There will never be a closer that is as good as he was for as long as he was. Voters will screw him by not giving him the 100% he deserves.

Barry Bonds was a once in a generation player. Yes he took steroids and so did most players in that era, but he still was the greatest ball player on the planet for 10 years. Watching him hit bombs into the bay was great for a kid like me wanting to make it to the big leagues. Steroids or not, this guy was a great ball player and deserves to be in the Hall. (So does Pete Rose, but that is another story)

Roger Clemens is next on my list, he is in the same boat as Barry, he played in the steroid era and was deemed a cheater because of it. Steroids aside the dude was a phenom on the mound and there was no denying that this world series champ and multiple Cy-Young award winner should be place in the Hall of Fame with the rest of the greats.

Edgar will always get my love, he played DH for the Mariners and was a great hitter. I personally do not care that he did not play defense. He knew his job and did it the best until Big Papi came around (are they going to deny him entry because he was a DH too). Edgar 100% deserves to the first DH in the hall, he was the 1st player to the best DH and needs to get in. Voters do not screw this up. He deserves in.

Mike Mussina was a Yankee great and has the resume to get in this year, but I think he will get denied this year again even though he should get in. He is a multiple world series champion and was great in oct as well in the regular season. He is the time player that worked hard day in and day out and never wavered in tough spots. I think he gets in, but not this year. Prove me wrong voters

Roy Halliday is an interesting person on the ballot. With is untimely passing this year I think he gets in on his first attempt. He certainly deserves to get he was a great pitcher, but I would have loved for him to pitch a few more years. He was a Cy-Young guy and anchored staffs for years and had filthy pitches that could make your knees buckle. He gets in and deserves it.

Curt Schilling deserves to be in the Hall of Fame. Politics aside this dude was great at baseball and was one of the most dominate arms in the game. His recent controversy has had voters running the wrong direction on him. He needs to stay out of the news for a few years and he gets in. It will not be this year, but it should down the road.

Sammy Sosa is next on my list. He was a pure hitter. Cheating with a corked bat and steroids got his Hall of fame case of the rails. When he and Mark were neck and neck hitting home runs in their record breaking year you could not help but cheer for this guy. I think he will never get in, but in my mind he is a hall of famer purely based on that season alone.

Next to last on my list is Andy Pettite. This is the type of guy that I want to grow up to be, he seems like a genuine great guy. His post season resume is better than his regular season stats and that will lose him some votes, I think that should gain votes. With Andy on the mound in October the opposing teams knew that they were in trouble. Hopefully we see him get in a few years down the road.

Last on my ballot is Micheal Young. Growing up in Dallas Micheal Young was a Ranger great. I know in my heart of hearts he is not a hall of fame guy, but he is in my eyes. He is the Rangers all time hits leader, and when they traded him to a contender I was able to get his jersey on sale for 15 dollars. (Any guy that is going into the hall would not have his jersey sold for that low even if he didn’t play for that team any more) Hopefully he will get the votes to stay on the ballot for years. Great guy and teammate for the Rangers. This is my official Homer pick of 2019