Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

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Friday Fun Post!!!

Its is Friday and that means we are on the verge of the weekend, and that weekend will be amazing filled with 2 whole days of not hustling anywhere. Personally I can not wait to lay down on the couch and not do anything but post some stuff for yall to enjoy. Since it is only Friday here are my thoughts to get you through the workday. Is it 5pm yet???

I was thinking this week about what kid actor was in the worst shape or had the worst life right now. Of course hollowed out Macaulay Culkin came to mind, but he is rebounding back in a big way. Did you see his last commercial? The winner in my mind is Shaun Weiss. You are probs wondering who? Well he was Goldberg from the hit movie franchise The Might Ducks. This is what he looks like. He is reportedly going to rehab after his arrest that is good and we wish him the best on his way to recovery. Being a child star is hard and takes a toll. He is currently 40 years old. (Yes I know this is old news but he is my winner for the post)

Shaun Weiss

My next thought was how many more days until pitchers and catchers report for spring training. Don’t worry guys its only 17 days away! and for you Ranger fans you might want to not look at the projected starting line up. Its not good. I could start for them and do the same thing… Lose. Well at least we will have a shiny new stadium after another losing season.


Adam Ottavino, the man who claimed he would strike out Babe Ruth every time (He is probably right his stuff is DIRTY), is going to wear number 0 for the bombers. Umm I don’t like that. 0 is more of a concept than a number. That would be like Trout wanting to wear 3.14 on the back of his jersey. It just looks stupid to me.

My last thought is…. Why do we let the big name free agents run the market. Everyone seems to be sitting around waiting on Harper and Machado, but go out there and get your moneyyyyy. What they do doesn’t concern 90% of free agents, but the world seems to stop for them. I am glad Pollock signed, and if Harper doesn’t go to Philly they have no back up plan for outfield other than pray Trouty returns home. If I was a GM that wanted them why not spend the big money to get them. If you lessen the amount by a few million it will not matter in the grand scheme of things. It will either be a slam dunk signing or you will be fired. Trust me the owner will not care that you saved him 10 million if one of them is a bust. Pony up, pay the guys and lets see what happens.

AJ Pollock Signs with the Dodgers