Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

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Fun Post Friday!!

The first thing that I want to talk about on my fun post is the fact the my students created this awesome picture me hard at work, deep in thought, or trying not to fall asleep at my desk.

Pretty good stuff right?? Not sure why I look smurf-ish, but they were so proud I put it as my computer back ground and you should to.

Now on to the more serious stuff. How important are ACLs in the NBA? Apparently the Mavs do not think that body part is very crucial to running, jumping and shooting. But hey, they got their Unicorn and hopefully he returns to full health and they can have a long relationship, unless he doesn’t sign the long term contract they will offer him.

I had this debate the other day and would love your opinion, is Fortnite still cool. I am on the side of no. It was in its hayday like a year ago and it is still fun to play all the time, but I do not get the hype of watching people play. Congrats to dudes like Ninja for making millions by playing a game, but I think Forts has ran its course. It’s time for something new to take over. I thought it would be RDR2, but the online mode wasn’t great when it launched and I haven’t been back in a few weeks. It might be better now? Side note, I do have a few victories in Forts so its not because I suck that I think it is that cool anymore.


I am going to TopGolf on Saturday. There is not many things better than hitting a ball as hard as you can and scoring points. This game brings me great joy because I get to win at being able to hit a ball far.

My last fun thought is Grandma’s Choclate Brownie cookies are the best snack of all time. I buy boxes of 72 packs and hide them at work. I eat 2-4 320 calorie packs a day. For some reason my gf thinks I need to salads more. Idk why she thinks that.