Sat. Oct 16th, 2021

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Well the Super Bowl Sucked

Did anyone actually enjoy that game? The official NoHustleSports poll results was 0% of sports fans enjoyed the game. The game was an all around snoozefest. 13-3 was way off my prediction of 39-17 (pats). At least I hit the winner correctly. The game was so bad that my best draftkings lineup had no QBs in it.

Maroon 5 and crew was a dud of a performance. There was nothing that captivating about the entire show. They teased us with SpongeBob and ruined that as well. What ever happened to getting Paul McCartney or the Rolling Stones? Those are the halftime shows that most sports fans love and wont leave the TV and go play VertPong instead.

Edelman winning the MVP was expected after his performance on the field, but he was suspended for PEDs the first 4 games of the season. You would be crazy to think the MLB would have the World Series MVP be a cheater. Brady did enough to win. Goff looked like I thought he would. Wade Phillips should have called Tony down from the booth to take over in the 2nd half to at least get the Rams a chance.

The Chiefs open up next year as Super Bowl favorites and I am getting to keep Mahomes for a 4th rounder in one of my fantasy leagues so time to jump on the Chiefs’ Bandwagon for 2020!