Fun Post Friday!!

The first fun thing this Friday is my dog, she is adorable although she hates me most of the time. Me and Carly have been pals since 2011 and she is terrified of everything except for my parents and girlfriend. She growls at my friends that she has met over 10 times. She is harmless. She is just one strange doggo and l thought she deserved to have the #1 slot today for my Fun Post Friday #FPF

My students were back at it again making me some “dank” wallpapers. Here is the new one. (You would have thought they could have found a newer pic….) RIP Cavs

2019 MLB Spring Training Gear

Last Valentines Day my wonderful GF got me the book Ready Player One. I read it in about a week. One of the best gifts ever and best book I have read. If you haven’t read it, I highly suggest it. The book is way different from the movie. If you liked or loved the movie, then the book will knock your socks off! One day I see us living in a virtual world like the Oasis, it is such a cool concept. If you are living under a rock and haven’t at least seen the movie, do that this weekend!

2019 MLB Spring Training Gear

Only a few more days until Pitchers and Catchers report for spring training. I am excited for the season as a Yankee fan (Bryce Harper…. you still need a team, and so do you Manny) Hal should offer both short term contracts with great pay. I say they both take it and play in Pinstripes. That is the desired destination of both and if they get any formal offer I think they take it. Don’t be stupid, offer anything to them and at least say you tried. As a Ranger fan I am depressed. We will look like a Jr. High Team playing against Major Leaguers. That new stadium next year will look awesome without people in the seats.



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