Sat. Oct 16th, 2021

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Apex Legends – Review


Apex is everything I wish Fortnite could have been. Forts was fun, but if you could not master building the game quickly passed you by. Head to head I can shoot at people with the best of them, but building is what got me to leave the game and never look back. I tried all different types of controller set ups and nothing worked. Now with Apex I don’t have to worry about building something to avoid people. I get to run at people head on and attack.

I played my first 30 games or so with Bangalore. She is great, her smoke screen special is good and her ultimate special of bombs dropping does some damage. Recently I unlocked Mirage. This dude is pretty legit. I love his special abilities. He is able to send out decoys of himself. That comes in handy in combat. There are other players that have other abilities, but none of them is over powering, making the game play fun no matter what character you choose.

New England Patriots Super Bowl Champs

In less than a week I have 4 wins, the total of wins I had in Forts in squad mode in 6 months of playing. I think that if battleroyal will over take Fornite, this is the game. It might not be perfect right now, but I am overall pleased with the product. The learning curve is about 5-10 games, so don’t give up too early. Find a character that you like and their special works for your style of play.

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