Sat. Oct 16th, 2021

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Baseball is Boring

Baseball is getting boring in all aspects of the game. This offseason has been tremendously dull because no one is getting signed. I get it, teams do not want to over pay but there are a lot of good players without teams. Baseball has got to the point were 8 teams are trying to win the World Series and everyone else is trying to come in last. This is great for rebuilding teams but it has got to the point that every team is rebuilding. No team is going to come out of nowhere and make a run because they are focusing on draft picks. The other issues is players are looking for contracts that are too long and too back loaded with money. It’s not the players fault for wanting the money but how contracts work in baseball. Young players can play into their mid 20’s on contracts that pay next to nothing then only have the chance to get one or two large contracts. Teams are no longer willing to take the risk and have to sit on a dead contract. I think baseball is going to have to change how players are paid and move more money up front to the young players.


I am a Rangers fan but I honestly see no reason to go see the Rangers this year. They have no big name players for two years straight (I thought they did not spend last year to save money for one of the big free agents this year, I was wrong). What am I paying to watch? I can go watch the Rough Riders for a third of the price. Why see the Rangers? This seems like a bad turn for baseball. I lived through lots of bad Ranger teams but at least they had stars I wanted to see and cheer for. This year, nothing…

This article does not even mention pace of play, shifts, pitching changes, and the total take over by analytics.