Sat. Oct 16th, 2021

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Movie Monday! Happy Death Day 2U and LEGO Movie part 2

I have decided to start doing movie reviews on Mondays. This new segment is called Movie Monday! Today is your lucky day, I saw The LEGO Movie Part 2 with my gf and on Sunday Ralphus invited us to see Happy Death Day 2U.

7.3/10 – LEGO Movie

We went and saw the LEGO Movie and of course I went in with high expectations (I loved the 1st one). I was pleased with the storyline and the non stop action of the movie. The Legos did a phenomenal job acting! Will Farrell gave 110% effort on this movie. You could tell his heart was into this sequel. I hope this is not the end of the franchise, but if it is, then this was a good wayy to end it.

5.2/10 – Happy Death Day 2U

This sequel was fine. I thought the original was better than average, but this one was average at best. The story was focused on a science project that created loops in time and parallel universes. It was a good way to create a sequel, but it was not nearly as fun to watch as the original. Luckily Ralphus did not spoil the ending like he does at 90% of the movies we watch together.

Not a great movie weekend, but easily could have been worse. If you are bored I recommend both of them, but if you watch to watch an award winning film I suggest saving your money.