Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

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Fun Post Friday!!

It’s time again for another Fun Post Friday. In this fun fun post we are going to talk about Machado’s mountain of money he will get over his contract (as long as he doesn’t opt out), idiots, and my favorite topic food.

Manny Machado signed the largest FA deal in history this week (until Harper does in the next few days). He will make 30 million a year, no AOC I do not think he should share his wealth with me. He earned it, because of the simple rule, go out and get what you think you deserve in the open market. He did just that, and I applaud him. Will last few years of the deal hurt the Padres, more than likely yes, but they agreed to the terms so nothing anyone can do about it. The first thing I would do with that money is try and buy the Padres with some millionaire group, make yourself the GM, Manager and starting short stop. How bazaar would that be, it would be unheard of, and quite frankly doesn’t make any sense, but that would be ultimate dream for me. Ruling the empire that is paying me millions and there is nothing anyone else could do. Realistically, buy expensive cars, a mansion on the coast, your parents a nice house, and do whatever you want with the rest as long as you save and invest properly.

The biggest idiots right now in sports are the Phillies. How do go from “we are going be stupid with our money” to watching the guy that you really wanted sign with the Padres who are years away from competing. I would love to see Bryce Harper spurn them as well to go to the west coast (Padres have been linked to also signing him). That would take pressure off of Gabe, because his front office let him down. If they do sign Harper I will gladly take them off this list, but if you don’t sign one of the big 2 (or even Pollock) you really screwed up this entire off season for Phillies fan. The fans want to riot in the streets (after a title) and you are giving them riot fuel for the wrong reasons! Do the right thing for the fans and sign Harper to lifetime 1/2 billion dollars and call it good.

I love food, in fact I eat it like 3 times a day! (usually way more). I went to Torchy’s Tacos last week, and it had been almost half a year since I visited them last. It was phenomenal. If you live you live close to one, I highly suggest you go. Order a Trailer Park and get it trashy and you will not regret it at all. It was hands down the best thing I ate all week.

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