Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

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Movie Monday! – No Movie :(

Sorry I was coaching and sick over the weekend and was not able to get out to the movies to see anything. I did finish my next to last grad school class this week so their is that, and ate some chicken fries from Burger King with my GF (classy I know, shes spoilt).

Being sick and not wanting any food at home, I order door dash last night after played APEX. (Check out insta for pics and vids). Door Dash screwed me over. I ordered Wendy’s at 10:00 and at 10:45 they canceled my order. Then I chose IHOP that had a 24-40 min est time. I ordered that at 10:45 and at 12:15am I finally get my food. So last night was rough being sick, hungry, and tired. So DoorDash is officially on my S-List, it joins Drew Brees and Red Sox on that list.

I think award shows are stupid (including the ESPYs), so I did not watch last night or care to found out who won anything. The Baylor Bears men’s team held off West Virginia over the weekend and the #1 Lady Bears keep on steam rolling. Hopefully the guys keep it up and make the tourney and the ladies stay hot and win a national title. It does look like KU will not win the Big 12 this year! So thank goodness for that, but without them being elite it seems that Texas Tech is the only final four possibility outta the conference.