Sat. Oct 16th, 2021

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Yankees extend Hicks 7 years

I for one am pumped about Aaron Hicks signing this extension with the Yankees. Last year he broke out and looked like a 5 stat guy offensively (good guy to get in fantasy). He plays above average def in CF which is a premium position.

The Yankees will gladly shell out 70 million for this guy. It seems like a steal for them at this point. He might struggle, but his stats are great for 10 mil a year. You could have an everyday team player like Hicks for 10 mil a year or get Harper or Machado for 30 mil or more a year. I think Hicks production will continue to be above average and on track for multiple all-star games.

It will great to see the Yankees lock in this young talent to have them stay together for many years to come. I think they could get one more stud pitcher next off season and then we could be looking at the late 90s and early 2000s caliber of Yankees.

I am very excited for the season to officially get going I am tired of seeing pitcher that will be bagging groceries in a week throwing spring training games. I think the AL East will finish

  1. Yankees 108-54 (Division Champ)
  2. Red Sox 3 GB (Wild Card 1)
  3. Rays 12 GB (Wild Card 2)
  4. Blue Jays 18 GB
  5. Orioles 52 GB