Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

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Tech Tuesday! Record Players

Lets just start off this post saying that I own a record player and have for 4 years. Record players when they came out way back when were amazing, now they are not. I own one, and can count on 1 finger the times I have listened to it in the last 500 days. With Bluetooth, Pandora, YouTube, Apple Music, and other streaming services what is the point to listen to a record? The quality of sound is not the best, but you get to look really cool with your hipster friends. I have no hipster friends, and I am not a hipster so mine is a sweet decorative piece in my living room.

I do have a lot of albums my top 3 would be

  1. The Art of McCartney
  2. The Best of Bread
  3. The Very Best of the Eagles

Other notable ones I have:

  1. Eagles: Their Greatest Hits (71-75)
  2. Eagles Live
  3. Eagles: The Long Run
  4. Eminem: Curtain Call
  5. The Beatles: Please Please Me
  6. Eric Clapton: Slowhand
  7. Jimmy Buffett: “You had to be there”

They are great to listen to, but I like to choose the convenience of picking the exact song that I want, not have to guess on where to drop the needle or listen to other songs that I don’t care about.

Before you drop 100+ dollars on a record player think “Do i love music this much? How well does it tie my room together? How much do albums cost?” If you can justify it after those questions then I say go for it. I bought mine in Mississippi and in Hattiesbug there was a cool record store that sold used records and antique shops that had them dirt cheap, so I was able to get quite a few without breaking the bank.