Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

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The AAF: It really sucks

The AAF (Alliance of American Football) for those of you that do not know is a “professional” football league that is supposed to sub as a potential minor league for the NFL (even though the NFL has not embraced the idea or tried to help the league). The problem with the league is there is no star power. Garrett Gilbert is the league leader in passing…. bonus points if you can name the colleges he went to. Christian Hackenburg was the headlining QB and he is flat out terrible.

You are probably thinking what about Trent Richardson! He’s a star in the league! Well you are not wrong, but Trent with all due respect is not getting it done in the AAF. I know he has 6 TDs, big whoop. He was former top 5 pick in the NFL and only gaining 2.5 yards a carry against guys that can’t make an NFL practice squad. His 2.5 yards per carry is last in the league with RBs that have more than 10 rushing attempts. The point being the AAF is using a guy that runs 7.5 ft a carry as a hype machine. I’m not buying that at all.

The games are on cable, not a good idea for people that have cut the cord (Me included). I know I could easily stream the games, but I haven’t yet and good chance never will. The Texas team is in San Antonio and that is like 4.5 hrs away. The reason I watch non Cowboy games is for fantasy and Draft Kings, but this league is so shaky even if I decided to find a way to play, it would not be worth it, because of the lack of actually stars and production.

They have done some things right with no kickoff and using a play to sub for the onside kick, other than that it is just lame football. The league is getting sued, bankrupt, and the XFL is one year away to compete with them. They did a good job of beating the XFL to the punch, but it will interesting to see which if either will be around in 5 years. I think the NFL will have to embrace one of them and use them as a minor league type system, but they have the NCAA for that and it is free!

Go Commanders!?!?