Mon. Oct 25th, 2021

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APEX Legends: How Bad Can I Be?

Terrible, down right terrible. Honestly it is impressively bad. For some odd reason Basil plays with me. I think this is mostly out of pity or maybe it is how you cannot not turn away from a car crash because that is what my playing is. I have now played several hours without killing anyone. A good game is me just hitting someone with something, anything. I was never good at Fortnite but by the grace of God I did get a win in duo mode by hiding in a bush and shooting the last guy. It was a miracle to be honest because it total I probably killed less than 10 people. For some reason Basil continued to play with me. I know his parents, they probably make him play with me because they feel sorry for me. I keep waiting for a game more my speed to get popular on Xbox something like solitaire, Tetris, or even better minesweeper. Basil, I am sure, is pumped about Battle Royal minesweeper….