Sat. Oct 16th, 2021

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Netflix Sunday! – The Office

I have been re-watching The Office for the 4th time or so. When Micheal Scott leaves the show (if I spoiled that I’m sorry you live under a rock), the first time I watched it I hated every minute he was not on the show. Not that I have a clear mind and not grumpy about it I think that the show is fine without him, not great, but just fine. I have about a 12 episodes left.

Personally I think Creed needed more screen time throughout the series. I think that he is one of the most underrated tv characters of all time. Everything that he says and does is pure gold. So whoever hired that guy needs to be in charge of picking everything ever for all eternity.

Angela went to Baylor so Sic Em’ bears. Kevin once responded to one of my tweets about 6 years ago, so that was the highlight of 2013. The Dwight spinoff would have flopped horribly so it was good that it never came to fruition. Dwight needs Jim and Jim doesn’t need Dwight.

Top 10 Office Characters Ranked (These are 100% correct)

  1. Creed
  2. Jim
  3. Dwight
  4. Micheal
  5. Darryl
  6. Stanley
  7. Oscar
  8. Pam
  9. Ryan
  10. Kelly

and Last Place: Toby (Duh)

Ps. Treat Level Midnight needs to hit the big screens within the next few years the story is amazing and the action is 2nd to none. We must defeat Golden Face once and for all!