Sat. Oct 16th, 2021

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Movie Monday!! – Kronk’s New Groove


So I intended on seeing How to Train Your Dragon 3 this weekend, butttttt I did not. Whoops. But I did see Kronk’s New Groove on Netflix, and boy was it terrible. I am not sure how they were able to get the whole original cast back to make this steaming pile of dookie.

They 100% needed more David Spade and less of everyone else. David did as little as possible to contribute to the movie and for a good reason, it was awful. He could have saved it a bit, but overall it was a train wreck.

I am sure kids ages 3-6 love this movie, but as a 28 year old man that loves animated movies I hated every minute of it. It has a feel good story, crappy songs, and a great cast. It runs at 75 mins so If you have a little over an hour to kill, I would suggest doing dishes, scrubbing the toliet or anything else that would be productive in your life.

If I see anything decent this week I will let you know and post it. Sorry for the lack of movie watching by me the past two weeks! I might get Ralphus or someone else to write one about a movie they saw this weekend.