Sat. Oct 16th, 2021

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Tech Tuesday! – Playstation 5

Another Playstation is reportedly coming in 2020. The system is supposed to have an upgraded PSVR (virtual reality) and possibly be backwards compatible with the PS4. I have owned a few PS systems throughout the years, and I still think the XBOX is a better system. The only reason for me to get a new playstation would be to play MLB the Show. I have survived without it for years and I can hang on a few more without breaking the bank on a PS5.

I currently have a PS3 in my bedroom, it is used solely as a blueray and DVD player. If I am going to play games I will hop on my XBOX or the Switch. I hope the PS5 is great and it is able to convince me to buy it, but I do not see that happening. Sony is Skipping E3 2019 this year to focus on the launch of this system.

Of course all of these are rumors about the PS5, I would imagine Sony will have a huge announcement later this year to release all of the information on the new system. Makes you wonder what Microsoft has cooking in the coming months to combat the expected surge when the PS5 launches.