Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

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Friday Fun Post!!

It’s Friday which means a fun post about fun things, or whatever I want to talk about.

I am a teacher to pay the bills and I am happy to say that tomorrow is the start of Spring Break! Wooooo! SB19 gonna be a blurrrrr. I am going to lay in bed and sleep, move over to the recliner and play video games, and then lay on the couch and sleep. It sounds like a blast. Who needs the beach when you have a comfy bed. There is a realistic chance that I will take a day off my week long rager and go golfing. It has been awhile since I have golfed so I am excited to get back out there and play.

The NoHustleSports store will officially launch next week. I got us a heat press and sublimation printer so we will have some sweet swag for purchase hopefully as early as Sunday. We will have Koozies, Hats, Shirts, Hoodies, Bro Tanks and other awesome stuff. Everything that you could possibly want in your life.

So I finished The Office earlier this week and now I am searching for a new show to fill the void. Good chance I re-watch Parks and Rec unless someone has a better suggestion than that. Other shows I am considering are: Entourage, Eastbound and Down, and How I Met Your Mother. I have seen all of those before and they make me laugh. Side Note: a few seasons of Entourage are brutal, but they get back to being awesome before the end.

I ordered the book Astroball, I am excited to read it. Surprising to most of my friends I know how to read, and I do it sometimes! Here are list of 5 books or series that I enjoyed reading in my free time.

  1. Ready Player One
  2. Harry Potter Series
  3. Awaken Online Series
  4. Decision Points
  5. A Portrait of My Father

Feel free to suggest other books to me!

Thanks for visiting this week’s Fun Friday Post! Have a great weekend (Or enjoy SB19!!!!)