Sat. Oct 16th, 2021

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Keenum to the Skins

Well it was a great start for ol’ Case and the Broncos last year, and that led them to go out and trade for Flacco (He is elite). That left everyone including Keenum, where he will go and if he would ever start again.

We got our answer yesterday when the Redskins and Broncos agreed to terms to ship Case to the east coast. This move is fine considering the state of Alex Smith (Hope you recover quickly). I am more shocked that the Redskins did not wait a bit and press the Cardinals hard for Rosen. Rosen has wayyyyyyy more upside then Case Keenum, who at best is a game manager that wont turn the ball over. Rosen is young, a little mobile and has opportunity to grow.

I know my dream of being a professional sport GM is a long shot, I would say around 200,000,000 to 1 shot, but I feel like I should have the opportunity. I might try small and become a GM of a NPF team. (If you don’t know what the NPF is then you really live under a rock).

Best of luck to Case and Rosen wherever he lands. I think in 3 years the Skins will regret not having Rosen on their roster. Prediction for next year, Case will lose his starting job to a backup, aka McCoy.