Sat. Oct 16th, 2021

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Trouty Getting Paid!

Trout is the best baseball player in the Galaxy and if the Angels didn’t pay him someone else would have. It is being reported that Trout is getting a 12 year deal worth 430 million. The Angels are pleasing their fan base by sending this offer to Trout. I think that he is actually worth 500 million, but that last 70 million doesn’t really matter in the long run. The Angels now have to figure to make the playoffs in this decade to make the deal worth it.

Mike Trout easily could have gone to the Yankees, Red Sox, or Phillies in free agency and made this kind of money and been on a winner, but he is as loyal as they come and the Angels need to work their asses off to make him a champion. He easily could go down as the best player to never even come close to winning a title. This is year and I would say next year it is going to be impossible to catch the Astros, but they need to start gaining ground and getting the organization used to winning again.

So much for Harper tampering to get him to his childhood favorite team in the Phillies, he’s going to be a LAA for life.

We finally have a contract over 400 million and it went to the right player. He is way better than Harper and is the classic example of a “baseball guy” he just shows up does his job and gets things done. I got to see him play in LA last year with my wonderful GF and he disappointed me by only going 1-4 on the game.

Congrats Trouty and spend that money wisely on the NoHustle store when we get it up and running!