Sat. Oct 16th, 2021

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Baseball is Back! (and so is Ichiro!)

Regular season baseball started last night/this morning for those that did not know. The Seattle Mariners played the Oakland Athletics at 4:30am CT in Tokyo. The game was an all out slugfest. The final score was 9-7 with the Mariners taking the win.

This is very well the last few times that Ichiro will suit up and play in an MLB game. he had 2 plate appearances last night. He hit a popout to 2nd base and walked in the 4th inning. Then he was replaced with Vogelbach…. I think you could have let Suzuki play the whole game in my opinion.

The game featured 5 Hrs. Piscotty (A’s), Santana(M’s), Davis(A’s), Beckham(M’s), and Chapman(A’s). Khris Davis going yard is something fans have come to know over the past few seasons. He is absolute beast at the plate and I enjoy drafting him in fantasy because like him I prefer to live and die with homers.

The good news out of last night is that Rangers are not in dead last in the league right now! The A’s have a losing record!

Final Thoughts: I remember Ichiro’s rookie season and how amazing it was to watch as a kid. I wish he would have played all his professional ball in the MLB, he would have become the hit king, but that title still goes to my personal friend* Pete Rose. (We met last summer in Vegas at a signing he did at a casino so we are pretty much best friends)