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Baseball Power Rankings (Preseason)

Today is opening day and I am going to kick things off with the first set of Power Rankings. If you do not know what power rankings are, it is the list of teams in order based on how good we think that they are.

Today should be a holiday and no work should happen. The first games start at 12:00 Ct and the last game starts at 6:00pm. Sadly I will be at work when the Yankees start against the Orioles at noon. And that takes us into the first selection…. No its not the Orioles.

New York Yankees’ Aaron Judge points skyward after hitting a fifth-inning solo home run against the Milwaukee Brewers in a baseball game in New York, Friday, July 7, 2017. (AP Photo/Kathy Willens) ORG XMIT: NYY114
  1. New York Yankees: This Yankees team is the best I have ever seen since the glory days of the late 90’s early 2000’s. We knew coming in that they could hit, but they upgraded the pitching this off season by bringing in Paxton and resigning Britton in the bullpen. I think they will win the East and WS. Right now they will be ok without Sev, but when he is healthy, he is a true ace.
  2. Boston Red Sox: The defending champs come in at the 2 slot. They did not do much this off season and really did not need to. They can do it all, but I think the bombers have a better lineup now and bullpen. So that is why they are in the 2 slot. (I am also a Yankees fan so the Sox will always be 2 for me)
  3. Houston Astros: Well pretty much the same as the Sox. They didn’t do a lot this off season, and lost a few pieces. They smartly brought in one of the most under rated players in Brantley. He will have a huge year for them. They are loaded, and the farm is stocked with talent. They very easily could be #1 in a few weeks.
  4. Los Angeles Dodgers: At one point it looked like they could be the leader for Harper, but they had to settle for the 2nd best outfielder in FA and Pollock is a stud, and when healthy he might be better overall than Harper. They have pitching, because when is the last time that they didn’t have pitching?? Kershaw will get healthy and they will steam roll the division. Rockies have a shot, but I think the Dodgers are too good.
  5. Chicago Cubs: The Cubs were supposed to be a dynasty, but that has quickly changed to panic and Maddon might get fired early in this season if they don’t turn it around. I think that this year they run away with the division and Yu Darvish returns to old form and quickly becomes their ace. They have all the tools to be great, but they did click at the right time last year.
  6. Cleveland Indians: PITCHING IS IMPORTANT AND THEY HAVE A LOADED ROTATION! Oh and by the way, they can also mash the ball. Lindor and Ramirez will lead this team to an easy division title because, lets face it, who can out pitch this team? (Maybe the Mets)
  7. Milwaukee Brewers: This team is a team that has alot of good pieces. I know Yelich and Cain are studs and Braun can still mash once a week, but do we think this team can keep the success from last year? I think the pitching falls off a bit, and they still get a wild card spot.
  8. Washington Nationals: This is my favorite NL Team. They have Mad Max, Straus, and Corbin. They have Soto, Turner, and Dozier. This team can do it all, I think they will make a trade at the deadline for a catcher and be the most complete team in baseball, but this only holds true if the youngsters prove that they are ready to shoulder the load Harper left.
  9. Philadelphia Phillies: THEY GOT HARPER, and that is all that the fans thought they were missing from a year ago. I think that Kapler is a good manager and last year he had growing pains. This year it all clicks and Harper leads them to the playoffs in a wild card slot. Harper is poised for a big year. Nola is considered one of the best young arms in the game.
  10. St. Louis Cardinals: This is my team to greatly improve from last year. They won 85 games without Goldschmidt last year. He only makes them better. He is the best first baseman in the game (there is no arguing this fact). They have young talent that can do a little bit of everything and the rotation this year will be filthy. Look out for this team. If the Cubs don’t click and the Brewers pitching fails them, this is the new team to beat in the NL Central.
  11. Atlanta Braves: They were good last year and added Josh Donaldson and still have Acuna.
  12. Colorado Rockies: Hoping the pitching pitches like last year, or else it will be a long season for the Rocks.
  13. Oakland Athletics: Well they dropped the first 2 games to the Mariners in Japan… Not a great start after last years surprise.
  14. Tampa Bay Rays: They will do what the Rays do, they will over preform in a loaded division.
  15. New York Mets: At what point do they blowup again?
  16. Minnesota Twins: They added Cruz, just don’t let him play Right Field in the World Series and you will be fine!
  17. Los Angeles Angels: Trout has them at #1 in the power rankings and everyone on the team brings them down to last, so they come in at 17. Sorry Mike maybe one day.
  18. Arizona Diamondbacks: They can still pitch even thought they lost Corbin. Hopefully they can hit after losing Pollock and Goldy
  19. Cincinnati Reds: No team did more this off season to get better than the Reds, but they were terrible so the moves only made them bad.
  20. Pittsburgh Pirates: Well they have some good pitching and some decent hitters. Hopefully no one gets popped with a PED suspension….
  21. Texas Rangers: They will fall after playing the Cubs then the Astros to open the year, AND HAVE YOU SEEN THE ROTATION… BECAUSE EVERY DOCTOR IN NORTH AMERICA HAS SEEN THEM
  22. Seattle Mariners: They swept the A’s in Japan. Now back in the states they will not win a lot.
  23. Chicago White Sox: They are young and could over perform from this ranking… or be complete trash.
  24. San Diego Padres: They left Tatis in the majors because he is ready. The left side of the INF could be special. Everything else will not.
  25. Toronto Blue Jays: I am sure they are either ready for Vlad 2.0 or reminiscing about the glory days.
  26. Miami Marlins: Full Rebuild is going on and still didn’t have the worst record last year. They will continue to be bashed, but aren’t as bad as people say.
  27. San Francisco Giants: They still have MadBum and Posey! YAY!
  28. Detroit Tigers: Miggy is fun to watch, and Miggy is fun to watch, and Miggy is fun to watch. Did I mention Miggy is back and fun to watch.
  29. Kansas City Royals: Sorry Cornish. One of my buddies is a Royals fan and I feel bad for having them this low, but they do have Billy Hamilton! Run Billy Run!
  30. Baltimore Orioles: They are bad. Very Very Bad.

This wraps up the preseason Power Rankings. Teams will move throughout the year. feel free to comment why I am wrong or how amazing my list is.