Sat. Oct 16th, 2021

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5 Things from Opening Day

The Rangers lose to Cubs 12-4.

  1. The Rangers are not fooling anyone with this team. They are a dumpster fire and if anyone thinks that they have a chance to be good should be tested. The pitching staff is atrocious, they are going to give up 4 runs minimum a game and the Offense might score 3 if they hit HRs. I get what they are trying to do, tank and build a winner, but if this was your plan you had to trade Beltre last year for anything. This year you have no value to trade to contenders unless one of the 5 Starting Pitchers starts to look good. (I know its early, but this team looks like the worst team in baseball right now)
  2. Starting Pitching is good to have. The Mets and Nationals had a good ol pitcher’s duel yesterday and it was awesome. deGrom vs Scherzer each pitcher had 10 or more strikeouts. That is what you want from your opening day starter. Tanaka pitched well even though he might be the 3rd best starter on his team when everyone is healthy. Greinke was very unlike his normal self and kept giving up HRs…..
  3. The HRs….. THE DODGERS HIT 8 HOMERUNS. They hit a record 8 Homeruns on opening day. Hernandez hit 2, Pederson hit 2, Seager hit 1, Barnes hit 1, Former Baylor Bear Max Muncy hit 1, and Bellinger hit 1. This team can mash and have a solid rotation when healthy. Hopefully Kershaw can come back soon and they will run away with that division.
  4. Khris Davis will win the HR title this year, and hit 55 of them. He is the most feared power hitter on the west coast and that hurts the national attention he deserves. If this dude was on the Yankees or Sox, they would be talking hall of fame. He doesn’t hit for high average, but it is better than Gallo’s. Davis hit his 2nd HR of the season last night. Last season he hit 48, I think he breaks 50 for the first time and launches 55+.
  5. Lorenzo Cain, this dude is a stud. He is the center fielder for the Brewers. They got him back (played 43 games for the brew crew in 2010) from the Royals before last season. He is a career .293 hitter and has 157 stolen bases, but he is best known for his glove. If you haven’t seen his game saving, game ending, heart breaking (for the Cardinals) catch. Then check it out! CLICK HERE!