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Power Rankings (Week 1)

The Power Rankings are who we think are the best teams, this is not necessarily the order in which the standings reflect. It is one week into the season and we are not hitting the panic button yet on many teams.

  • Phillies- Well I think the Harper signing is paying off, well at least in week one. Last night he went into DC as a visitor for the first time and sent a ball into next week in the 8th inning. This team has the energy and talent to make it back to October. They are going to be scary if they keep this up.
  • Brewers- Similar to the Phillies, they are young and exciting. Yelich picked up right where he left off last year and is on pace for 129 HRs this season! Hopefully he keeps this pace up lol. They are solid on def led by LoCain and have young fire-balling pitchers.
  • Dodgers- They looked impressive taking 3 of 4 from Arizona. This team can flat out hit. Looks like they didn’t need Harper after all. The bug concern is Pollock’s health. Keep him healthy and stay in the top 5 all year. They don’t even have Kershaw yet…..
  • Rays- Where the hell did these guys come from?? We all knew they had a good farm system, and they are playing like seasoned-veterans right now. I think they can keep this up and be in the hunt come September. Once the Yankees and Red Sox decide to start playing ball it will be a great 3 team race.
  • Mets- AHH the Amazing-Mets, they are winning ball games. They do this…. they get you excited and then collapse. We all know it is coming, but we just do no know when. If they keep winning it will put a lot more pressure on on the Nationals and Braves. Also Peter Alonso is going to be fun to watch this year.
  • Yankees- THIS TEAM IS LOADED, they have Stanton, Andujar, DiDi, Betances, Hicks, Montgomery, and Severino!!! Oh wait, all of these guys are on the IL. Once a few of the these guys come back healthy they will start rolling. They can’t not panic yet, just get healthy and win games. They have the talent to make an October run, they just can’t fall too far behind.
  • Red Sox- What is going on in Boston. They look like they forgot that spring training ended and that these games actually matter. Despite their record, they are the defending champs and are still loaded with talent. They will turn it around soon. For their sake the need to take advantage of the Yankees being hurt.
  • Cubs- A horrible showing in Texas, the Rangers stink. The Cubs need to get the pitching going (Looking at you Yu Darvish and Hamels). They will be fine, but the Brew Crew are on a path to run away with the division if the Cubs don’t right the ship soon!
  • Astros- Off to a slow start like several teams in the top 10. They can hit, pitch, run, and play defense. They can easily be the best team in baseball in 3 weeks. Right now they don’t look like it. But don’t worry Stros fans they will win the division by 10 games.
  • Mariners- The Mariners have 7 wins, leading the league. I 100% do not believe that they can keep up this pace, but it is fun to watch right now. I have Dee Gordon on my fantasy team. Run Dee Run!
  • A’s- Over-preforming as usual. Can someone give them some money so they can get even more talent?
  • Cardinals- Goldy is great at baseball. The pitching will turn around soon and they will join the big dogs in the top 10. Until that time just enjoy Goldy dropping bombs.
  • Indians- Mike Clevinger looked like the ace in his start.. he is their 4th best pitcher. They will turn it around and run away with their division.
  • Rockies- They can mash, now they need to pitch. Jon Gray needs to regain the form from 2 years ago and we can talk about them in October.
  • Nationals- They have to stop thinking about their ex and worry about the players here and now. MadMax is good at pitching.
  • Braves- Signing Acuna to an extension was a good idea. Now win some games and start moving on up the ladder.
  • Twins- They could be better than this and should be better than this. They will start winning and winning a lot once they play the horrible teams in their division.
  • Padres- Tatis and Machado. Enough said. They are going to be fun to watch. Hoping the pitching is enough for them to join the conversation for a playoff spot in September.
  • Orioles- Umm what is happening this year? Bad teams are winning against good teams. They will fall and fast.
  • Rangers- I know I am super negative about my hometown team, but they have won some games against good teams! Jose Leclerc is the MVP of the team.
  • D-Backs- Playing decent so far with out Goldy and Pollock. They can still pitch, they just need to keep scoring runs.
  • Pirates- Not as good as they could be. I think they can turn it around and move into the top 20.
  • Marlins- I told you last week that they are not as bad as you think. They are super young, if these guys develop they will be fine.
  • Angels- They have Trout until robots replace humans as athletes, so that is a good thing.
  • Tigers- Talk about turning back the clock with Zimmerman’s first start of the season! He gets paid so much money to be bad. They need Miggy to hit. If he hits they wont be terrible.
  • Blue Jays- Can Vlad Jr. join the team yet? I’m bored with y’all. I need 500 foot bombs in my life.
  • Giants- They just traded for Kevin Pillar. That will put them into the top 20 in a few weeks. I don’t see them getting much higher than that tho. Can Madbum hit clean up this year.
  • Reds- They have Votto and Puig! Yay for Votto and Puig!
  • Royals- They have speed and defense and ok pitching. They just need to start winning more games.
  • White Sox- The young talent they have is not playing to their potential just yet. If they do. Be afraid. Not really, they are a few years away, but they could be like the Astros in a few years.

The top 10 is a combination of all writers for the site. If you have opinions please leave them in the comments!

-Basil, Keelo, ChanDon, Topher