Sat. Oct 16th, 2021

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Bronx Bombers Show Up!

The Yankee offense had been sputtering a bit since the opening day of the season and they finally turned it on last night. This team is looking to hit 300+ Hrs and nights like last night will certainly help them reach this goal.

Gary Sanchez launched his 3rd of the season (his average is terrible and so is his def, but the dude can hit bombs), Gleyber Torres (wearing an old pair of A-Rod batting gloves) finally woke up and starting hitting the ball. Torres went 4 for 4 with 2 Hrs and 4 RBIs. Luke (LUUUUUUUKKKKEEEEEEE) Voit also joined the party with a bomb of his own in the 9th inning.

This was the type of game Yankee fans were expecting to see all season. The team is beat up with injuries, but they have enough talent to stay in the games by mashing Hrs.

They have 2 more games against the Orioles then travel down to Houston for a 3 game set with the Astros. I know it is early but the Astros are also struggling early so this series could be important come September and October.

The 3 guys that all hit bombs for the Yanks are on my fantasy team and so is Trouty who went yard last night. Needless to say Team Dorn needed last night as much as the Yankees did. Lets keep this momentum going!