What is going on in Arlington, TX?

Well to my surprise the Rangers are on a roll right now. I feel like as soon as I praise them they will collapse, but I got to give them credit for what they are piecing together right now. The Rangers are 5-2 this season taking 2 of 3 vs the Cubs and the Astros. They blew out the Angels last night 11-4 after scoring 5 runs in the first inning off of the former dark night, Matt Harvey. Mike Trout did homer for the first time this season (did you know he is really really good at baseball?)

The Rangers have 3 more games against the Angels in LA who are 1-6 on the season, so they should be able to take this series as well. Then they wrap up the road trip with a 2 game stint in Arizona. So we are looking at a team that could just keep on winning for the foreseeable future.

I really hope this isn’t a mirage and we are getting bamboozeled, but I know we are. They pitching is not good enough to keep this going. The pitching staff has given up 38 runs so far which is 5th worst in the league. Luckily we have scored 45 the 3rd highest in the league.

Best case senerio, the Rangers are playing decent ball around the trade deadline and the pitching staff is doing decent and we left as many big leaguers as possible for prospects. Just do not trade Mazara, Gallo, and Andrus. Building around these 2 young guys and Elvis. We have been stuck in no mans land for too long. It is time to implode if given the opportunity.



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