Sat. Oct 16th, 2021

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What’s wrong with Boston?

After another embarrassing game where the Red Sox lost 15-8, they now sit at 2-7 on the young season. It’s hard to figure out just what is going on with the Red Sox but after seeing them in person today they just look like a team that has no fire to them right now. It’s almost like a World Series hangover but that’s the easy excuse. I have some more real reasons they are struggling at the moment.

The biggest problem by far has been the starting pitching. This was suppose to be the strength of this team but it has been horrendous to start off with. Over these 9 games the starters have an ERA of 9.60. That’s insane when you have 2 cy young winners in the rotation. I know people are pointing to the fact that Sandy Leon isn’t back there catching these guys but he can’t help them with their command. I got to see Porcello go today and he couldn’t locate any of his pitches. It seems to be that way for all the starters so far which is leading to all the home runs being given up. Now obviously they won’t be this bad all year it just looks worse since is the beginning of the season. I think they are all still in spring training mode in terms of where their stuff is. They had light loads in spring after such big workloads in October. They’ll round into shape.

The other big problem has been the defense. This might be a harder fix at one position in particular that I’ll get to. 2nd base has been a nightmare so far for Nunez and Holt. Now Pedroia gets back on Tuesday and hopefully he is healthy enough to play the majority of the time there. He will lock this down from the defensive side at the very least. The bigger problem I’ve seen so far is at 3rd. I really like Devers and what his bat could end up being but there is no doubt he is a liability at the hot corner. He already had 3 errors in only 8 games started. He has never been good defensively but he seems to not be getting any better. I don’t know if he’s going to be at 3rd after this year. May have to move over to 1st if he doesn’t pick it up.

Overall I don’t think this is a sign the Red Sox will be in the cellar this season. They are struggling on a west coast trip like most east coast teams do it happens to be at the beginning of the season which magnifies everything. Once the starters round into form they will rip off a nice hot streak to get them back in it.

  • Keelo