Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

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NCAA Men’s National Title Game

The game will be Monday night at 8:20 CT featuring Texas Tech and Virginia. If you did not watch the regional semis you missed out on 2 great games. Texas Tech played lights out from start to finish and Virginia survived on a non double dribble call and luck.

How they got here!

  • Texas Tech. They reached the national title game by doing what they had been doing all year long. They stifle you on defense and score more points than you. This Texas Tech lost to Baylor by double digits this season so I had them bouncing out of the tourney kinda early. (Boy do I feel stupid). They played a good Michigan State team (the team that knocked Zion and Duke out of the tourney). They got a lead and ran with it from pretty much start to finish. I think the Red Raiders had a great shot of upsetting Virginia on Monday night
  • Virginia- They played in the best basketball conference in the universe. They hung around the top of the polls all year long and beat teams that they should beat. Last year’s debacle in the first round is now long forgotten and no one will remember it if they can pull out the win against Tech. It wasn’t all smooth sailing for the Cavilers to get to the title game. Auburn blew it. Plain and simple. Auburn was up 2 with 7 seconds to go and had good pressure on Virginia and actually caused a double dribble, but the refs did not blow the whistle. With 00.6 seconds on the clock Virginia throws up a desperation 3 and misses! Auburn going to the ship! Wrong. The refs saw the contact on the leg of the shooter and awarded Virginia 3 free throws and they hit them all. It was an instant classic of a game.

I think that Virginia is the better team and will defeat Texas Tech, but I have doubted tech all tourney and it has paid off for the Red Raider fans, so you’re welcome Tech fans. It will be a low scoring game and Virginia will do enough to win, but do not think this game will be a blow out.

Virginia wins 62-57

(I officially got 2nd in my pool after my undefeated day 1 lol)