Virginia – Men’s National Champions

The national title game with Virginia and Texas Tech was a thrill ride to say they least. There were countless lead changes and the final minute of regulation was non-stop fun. Overtime was a a bit of a let down, Texas Tech struggled to score in the middle of the overtime period and Virginia capitalized on the miscues.

With time running down in regulation Tech was up 3 with less than 30 seconds on the clock. Virginia drove the ball to the hoop and Tech over covered the driving man leaving a guy wide open for 3 and Virginia connected to tie the game. In over time Tech hit a three early to take the lead and then the offense sputtered to a hault once Virginia took the lead.

I feel bad for Tech students, they deserved this win. It was the least the universe could give them since they have to live in Lubbock…

Congrats to Virginia, I had y’all in my finals on my bracket losing to Duke. I should have known Duke would choke and you guys would win the title.

It was a decent March Madness, not too many upsets early, and the only Cinderella team was Auburn, but they were a 5 seed. Next year I want to see more mid majors make it to the sweet 16.


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