Sat. Oct 16th, 2021

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MLB Power Rankings (Week 2)

  • #1 Dodgers- The Dodgers take the top stop after week 2 of baseball. This team is still rolling. They can hit, they can pitch and play defense. They play in a semi-weak division so the wins will keep coming all season long. They should play it safe with Kershaw. You need him in the playoffs and you can keep winning without rushing him back right now.
  • #2 Brewers- Christian Yelich is good at baseball. This team is still playing scrappy baseball and putting together wins. I think they will sign Kimbrel to sure up their bullpen soon. This team will run away with the division if the Cubs do not figure out how to win quickly.
  • #3 Phillies- They were number 1 last week and fell to 3 this week. They are playing in baseball’s best division and leading the pack. The NL East will be a blast. (Side note- this is the most fun team to watch in the majors right now)
  • #4 Rays- Just keep winning, I would be shocked if they won the division, but they are playing great ball right now and on a 3 game win streak. They do not play the Yankees until May 10th so they have plenty of time to put some more ground between them and the bombers.
  • #5 Astros- They are one win away from sweeping the Yankees. The Astros started off slow and are now rolling. Their division sucks, so its only a matter of time to be about 30 games over .500
  • #6 Yankees- They keep showing flashes of greatness and then fall flat for a game. They got dealt another blow this week when Severino was shut down for 6 more weeks. They need to keep winning series and staying within striking distance to the Rays. They finish the last game against the Astros tonight and then the White Sox, Red Sox, Royals, Angels. So there are plenty of wins to be taken soon.
  • #7 Indians- The Indians were dealt a big blow this week with Clevenger hitting the IL and will not resume throwing for 6 to 8 weeks. (he’s on my fantasy team as well as Severino). But they play in the weakest divison and still have Jose Ramirez even though he is getting outhit by Handly.
  • #8 Mariners- BEST RECORD IN BASEBALL, its a mirage, but I will give them credit until they start losing. Dee Gordon is doing a great job getting on base and stealing bases to set the table for this team.
  • #9 Braves- The are in second place in the NL East. They are good, but the pitching is young and inexperienced right now. I think they will drop a few here and there before the pitching staff gets fully healthy. They have a shot at a world series, but they have to beat the teams in their loaded division.
  • #10 Mets- The ticking time bomb of implosion has started ticking losing 2 in a row. It’s coming Mets fans don’t say I didn’t warn you!
  • #11 Red Sox- They are this high solely on how much talent they have on paper and winning the title last year, but right now they are terrible. They will turn it on and when they do look out.
  • #12 A’s- They are 5 games back of the Mariners, but they have been playing good baseball lately. They need Profar to play up to his crazy potential.
  • #13 Padres- Manny Machado and Tatis Jr. have turned this team into contenders for an NL wild card spot. I hope they can keep this up the whole season.
  • #14 Cardinals- Luckily the Cubs are playing worse right now.
  • #15 Cubs- Luckily the Cardinals aren’t playing much better than them.
  • #16 Nationals- I still have the Nationals losing to the Yankees in the World Series. I am right until I am wrong. This team has so much young talent. Mid May they will figure it all out and take the division lead. Write it down.
  • #17 Twins- If they keep this pace up, the Twins will challenge the Indians for the division. The Indians will likely welcome the challenge after last year.
  • #18 D-Backs- They can’t decide if they are good or not and I can’t make that call either. They lost so much talent from last season, but keep beating decent teams. Time will tell with the D-Backs.
  • #19 Blue Jays- WE WANT VLAD! WE WANT VLAD!
  • #20 Angels- Other than Trout this team is not good. I have a great idea, they should sign Albert Pujols to a huge contract!
  • #21 Rangers- 🙁 back to being in last in the division.
  • #22 Pirates- Better record than the Cards and Cubs, but the roster is worse, so they are down here.
  • #23 Rockies- Why are yall not better than this!!! You are good, but your 3-9 record says other wise. (you are not the Red Sox, so you wont get the respect)
  • #24 Giants- As a Ranger fan I am glad to watch the Giants struggle. After they swept us in the world series I have always hated them.
  • #25 Tigers- Jordan Zimmerman will not keep this up. I repeat. Jordan Zimmerman will not keep this up. What is wrong with Miggy?
  • #26 Marlins- Jeter…. you are better this this, sadly your team is not better than this. I know you will turn it around, but I am tired of waiting.
  • #27 Orioles- Khris Davis has 5 homeruns!! oh wait Khris plays for the A’s and you have Chris. Chris Davis is 0-22 this season and 0 for his last 49 at-bats going back to last season. I guarantee that I could get a hit in 49 at-bats.
  • #28 White Sox- Just be patient South Siders.
  • #29 Royals- Billy Hamilton is fast. Like really fast. They should challenge teams to track meets instead of baseball.
  • #30 Reds- They can’t win baseball games and they can’t even win fights.

-Basil, Keelo, Topher, ChanDon