Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

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MLB Power Rankings (Week 3)

Week 3 of the MLB has completed and we are still learning about some teams, and still have some faith in struggling contenders (or should be contenders). The results do not reflect standings, but merely who we think are the best teams. Leading the way in this power ranking is….

  • #1 Astros (12-5), The Astros are winners of 10 straight, we knew that they would be good, but they are playing out of their minds right now. Houston should cruise to another 100 win season. Verlander looks like the ace in the whole league that remember how to pitch after last season. Altuve has been tearing it up at the plate, and the young core is still really good. Also smart move to sign Brantley.
  • #2 Rays (13-4), The Rays have earned it. It is time to start beleiving in this team. They are a legit threat to the AL East Powers and could win the division. The Yankees and Red Sox should be scared of this squad, I know that I am. They are young, dumb, and full of fun. This is going to be an exciting team to watch moving forward.
  • #3 Brewers (12-6), after their torrid start the Brew Crew has slowed down alittle. They are just 5-5 in their last 10 games. At the end of the day, they still have Yelich, Cain, and Hader. They are going to be World Series contenders. Cubs fans bet settle in for competing for a wild card spot. The Brewers are here to stay.
  • #4 Dodgers (11-8), The Dodgers survived the start of the season with no Kershaw. He is back and it will take a few starts, but I expect him to be back to vintage Kershaw form before the calendar turns to May. AJ Pollock needs to up his game, he is on my fantasy team and is under preforming, but atleast he is healthy!
  • #5 Phillies (10-6), Just think how good this team will be when JT starts mashing and when Nola figures out that he is a phenom in the circle. This team should win the loaded NL East, but the stars that I mentioned must play better, and no reason to think that they will no preform to close to what they had done in previous years. I do not think this team will drop too far at any point. The team believes they have a title shot, and Harper will keep things rolling in the clubhouse.
  • #6 Indians (10-7), Playing in the weakest divison in baseball will help them stay in the top 10 all season. Did you know: Jose Ramirez has a .154 batting average and only 1 HR? Only a matter of time before he gets rolling and the Indians can grow their lead over the Twins. This team is too loaded not to win the divison by 12+ games. It will happen, but Jose must get better.
  • #7 Mets (10-7), Much to my surprise, the Mets haven’t started imploding yet. If they keep this up and make the playoffs, one can dream of another Subway Series. The Mets pitching should carry them deeeeeeep into the season still in the hunt. Alonso is the real deal. He could be the King in Queens.
  • #8 Yankees (7-9), I swear this will be the last week the Yankees stay in the top 10 without deserving it (atleast I moved them below the Mets). The injuries continue to mount for the Yanks, but the 8-0 win over Sale and the Sox proves that they do have the talent to win the division and over 100 games. Just get healthy so it doesn’t look like I am playing favorites.
  • #9 Braves (9-7), Looky here! another NL East team. The Braves are 3rd in the division, but only 1 game back. This young talented team needs the pitching to stabilize to give them a shot. Minter needs to take over the closer role and dominate. Last night was a very poor performance by him.
  • #10 Padres (11-8), The Fightin’ Machados are on a hot streak (well they were, lost 3 in a row but won the previous 7). The young arms in the rotation are holding their own and Yates is a flat out stud for them with 9 saves in their 11 wins. They are tied with the Dodgers for the division lead, and hopefully they will continue to put pressure on the Dodgers for the NL West crown.
  • #11 Mariners (13-7), The Mariners started the season at 13-2, but have lost their last 5 games. This slump that they are on knocked them from the 10. I think that they can climb back, but the odds are against them. Everyone wrote them off as a rebuilding team, and if they don’t fix their losing ways, the losses will come quickly.
  • #12 Nationals (7-8), This was my preseason pick to lose to the Yankees in the world series. I am sticking with this pick and the team. The youngsters in the outfield will get hot and this team will roll. Don’t forget that their short stop, Trea Turner is on the IL and will return next month.
  • #13 Cubs (7-9)…..

  • #14 Twins (8-6), Speaking of waiting, we are waiting for Nelly to start launching dingers in Minnesota.
  • #15 Red Sox (6-12), They have got to figure out the pitching. Losing 8-0 to the Bombers last night was not acceptable. They have got to make a change to something, and make it quick or they will continue to free fall down the rankings.
  • #16 Pirates (9-6), Keep this up and you will get more respect next week. I haven’t quite bought into you are contenders in the NL Central, but I would be happy if you surprised me.
  • #17a Rangers (9-7), We have a better record than the Cardinals right now and we are ranked slightly higher because of that. Even thought the Cards are better team.
  • #17b Cardinals (9-8), I don’t like y’all and hope that y’all miss the playoffs. Still bitter as a Ranger fan from 2011.

  • #19 A’s (10-10), .500 baseball through April 16th isn’t terrible, but this team is better than this. They need to get healthy and provide more offense than just Khris Davis.
  • #20 D-Backs (8-9), they are starting to win some games, Greinke needs to get a win every 5 days to keep this team in the hunt. If he struggles, then they will not compete. His ERA is currently 5.79 about 3 points higher than his career average.
  • 21. Blue Jays (7-11), Another week down and another down in the minors for Vald Jr. Bring him up…..
  • #22 Giants (8-10), Can y’all trade Derek Holland back to Rangers? I miss him in Texas. We would also accept MadBum in the deal as well.
  • #23 Trouts (.368 Average, 5 HRs, 12 RBIs, .569 OBP, 14 Hits) He is the whole team.
  • #24 Rockies (6-12), Wade Davis finally got to save a game! He has 1 save this year. Jon Grey looked dang good last night. This team might be turning the corner.
  • #25 Orioles (7-11), Crush Davis is back!!! He’s on the board with 1 HR! He will hit 30 bombs this year. Write it down.
  • #26 Tigers (8-8), Remember when yall had Mad Max and Verlander…. those were good times.
  • #27 White Sox (7-9), they won their last 3. Rebuilding takes time, but if everything clicks they could jump in the hunt for a wild card. I don’t think it will, but it could.
  • #28 Royals (5-12), Can you please trade Whit to a contender so the average fan can see his greatness?
  • #29 Reds (5-11), Votto is a hot mess at the plate, Puig has one HR and well nothing else is good about this team right now.
  • #30 Marlins (4-14), Jeter, if you are reading this (we all know NoHustleSports is your favorite website)…. I am not doubting you, but can you win some more games. Also can you give us tickets to come to a game? We know you need fans!